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Runescape Battle Of Lumbridge Titles Of Christmas


There are a multitude of other rewards you can obtain whilst on the Battlefield. Divine Fury (tier 1) 100 + Drinking this will increase the damage dealt to opponents on the battlefield by 20%. These can be used to teleport to the respective campsites, and will also track your progress throughout the event as well as giving an emote. It was possible for two different events to happen at the same time, even two different node events such as the sacred metal nodes and yellow nodes. The Saradominist preacher makes an appearance at the Lumbridge crater. Want to play? Visit on your computer to play for Free!. Please note that changing sides will lose all progress with the side you are switching from. Renown-based rewards are still available for a short period after the event.[6] Music unlockedEdit Battlefield I Battlefield II Machines of War Master of Light Saradominists Saradomin Camp Remnants Zamorak Camp GalleryEdit Teaser imagesEdit Announcing the world eventLobby message upon logging inThe Battle of Lumbridge as shown on the noticeboardAnother teaser imageClick an image to enlarge Head bannersEdit Week 1 head bannerWeek 2 head bannerWeek 3-10 head bannerClick an image to enlarge Battle imagesEdit Zamorak, having just arrived from the portalZamorak attempts to harvest Divine tears, causing chaos in LumbridgeSaradomin arrives to confront ZamorakLumbridge, about to be destroyed by a powerful blastZamorak summons his troops to fight SaradominSaradomin summons his troops to fight against ZamorakZamorak commands his troops to attackThe soldiers of both factions, locked in combat for their godSaradomin strikes Zamorak with the enhanced power of the divine tears.Zamorak is finally defeated.Saradomin prepares a powerful spell to defeat Zamorak once and for all.Moia teleports Zamorak before he is able to do so.Saradomin, now empowered with the power of the tears, leaves the battlefield.Click an image to enlarge Saradomin's campEdit Padomenes leads Saradomin's troops into battle.The Saradominist quartermaster sells wares to those who show devotion to Saradomin.A Saradominist recruitment officer rallies supporters of Saradomin to the battlefield.A small chest on the edge of the camp allows access to the bank.Click an image to enlarge Zamorak's campEdit Moia stands at Zamorak's side as troops charge into battleThe Zamorakian quartermaster sells equipment, emotes, titles and items useful on the battlefield.A Zamorakian recruitment officer gives faction tokens and allows players to join Zamorak's cause.A bank chest allows Zamorakian players quick access to their equipment.Click an image to enlarge TriviaEdit As of week 9 of the battle, there was a glitch where spending votes causes your contribution (and hiscore) to be reduced by the same amount.


.. The champion has 12500 Life points and moves at a walking speed as opposed to its faster comrades, and also does not use any abilities. The clones could be healed for 10 divine tears by right-clicking them and selecting the heal option. After joining one of the gods, players were given a token depending on what god they chose (i.e Zamorakian token or Saradominist token). Killing these clones will reward the player with increased tear drops as well as a number of humorous items which disappear when picked up such as the garish pink party hat, off-white party hat, really rotten potato and God banners aligned with Saradomin and Zamorak. After the cutscene takes place, players will be put next to the Lumbridge lodestone, and will be talked to by Kara-Meir, who will outline the situation at hand. Saradomin "Zamorak's obelisks are charging with a deadly energy." The red obelisks of Zamorak around the battle field will glow with a red symbol on the ground, which hits the player hard and fast should they stand inside it Saradomin "Zamorak curses the followers of Saradomin, decreasing their might for a short while." Saradomin's fighters will deal decreased damage over the course of 3 minutes. Note that this can hurt both sides. Explore a vast MMO World Full of fun challenges and events, journey across Gielinor and forge your own legend. Zamorak Tier 2 Sacred Armour Item Name Cost in Renown Armour* Life bonus* Warpriest of Zamorak greaves 3000 + +249 +1080 Warpriest of Zamorak cuirass 4000 + +260 +1440 Emotes and Titles Item Name Cost in Renown Information 'High Priest' title 4500 + "High Priest Username" 'Warrior of Zamorak' emote 9000 + The player roars, growing larger Demonic wings and creating a small crater in the ground, with a red aura emanating from their feet.


After the week 9 vote, all prices were reduced by 5%. Drops landmines until killed. It will last today and tomorrow, enjoy. This is equal to 10% of the tears that you deposit (this is 'floored' rounding, meaning the amount is always rounded down. The Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG Game Play Now . Tokens gave a small boost to the amount of divine tears the player collected. (Cost: 5000) Expand with a mass grave, and bring in a priest to bless it. d23ee43039

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